About Us

It's all in the name

     "Black Sheep" wasn't chosen by accident. We believe that everyone has felt a little different at some point in their life; we think that you should lean into that difference. Our goal is to redefine "the heard" and build a community of like-spirited "Black Sheep", using specialty coffee as our medium.

Where we come from

     Black Sheep Coffee Roasters was opened in August of 2015 by Lucas Spinosa with the help of his family and friends. Lucas spent his early life working and playing in his dad's bakery "Spinosa's Bakery" where he found his love of people. After a few years of playing music, he stumbled onto an opportunity to build a community space of his own in Black Sheep

Why specialty coffee?

         It's simple, specialty tastes better, and it values the coffee farmer as highly as every other part of the chain. We made a conscious decision to better ourselves and our craft year over year. We strive to source coffees from farmers we have met (in-person or virtually) and establish relationships to last a lifetime. These relationships not only make our experiences more pleasant, they also establish trust and help both parties to raise the bar every season.

More than coffee

     Our first love is people; and nothing brings people together like coffee and good conversation. Black Sheep has been a place for first gigs, first dates, book releases, and more. This is also the place where Lucas met his wife Katie (Mrs. Black Sheep). Every year we host dozens of fundraisers for local charities, sponsor scholarships in local high schools, support kids sports teams, and travel to origin to source great coffee and see how we can help them improve their operations.