Join the Partner-Sheep!

At Black Sheep we want partners, not customers. We currently work with dozens of chefs, baristas, schools, & beer masters to step up their coffee game.

We strive to understand your needs as a business and to help with training, equipment sourcing, and free local deliveries.

Here's some of what we offer:


Whether you are just opening, or an established business, we tailer our training to your specific skills and needs. Everything from cleaning best practises, dialling in espresso, creating coffee recipes, specialty drinks, and service. 

More Than Coffee

We offer wholesale pricing and delivery on pretty much everything you need to keep the shop going, including:

  • Minor Figures Oat Milk 
  • Chai Concentrate
  • Brewing Supplies
  • Cleaning Products for Espresso and Brewers
  • Filters for brewing


We can recommend equipment for your location, and we can help source it. We are able to find and new and used to fit your budget and meet business needs. 

Equipment Servicing

Basic maintenance and repairs, part replacement, and cleaning available for all local partners. For major rebuilds and breakdowns, we have many friends that we are able to get you in touch with to fix your problems! 



Always free for our customers in the region. Further afield we use UPS to ensure your coffee arrives fresh. If you're ordering enough coffee as a partner we'll ship for free. || (905) 735-0666